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 Celebrating the launch of British Astronaut Tim Peake to the ISS

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March 2016 Planetarian.

Education is the first priority for most planetariums. The dome is an interface between formal and informal education, often serving both roles. It serves life-long learners, students, and the simply curious, and can be the gateway to awakening a child's life-long interest in science.

There is a tremendous amount of educational resources available online. What follows are ones of particular interest to planetarians and to others simply interested in astronomy/space science education.

This list will evolve.


  • IPS Education Committee
  • Education Research
  • Learning & Instruction
  • Just for students/future planetarians
  • NASA Resources
  • ESA (and other space agency) Resources
  • Note to IPS Members: this section needs to be developed. If you are interested in volunteering to do it, please tell us through Contact Us.

  • Organizations
  • Online Courses, other educational media
  • Free educational material


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