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Code of Conduct
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The following statement has been approved by the IPS Council, effective 21 July 2020.
Grievances pertaining to the Code of Conduct are addressed by the
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

See also Frequently Asked Questions About the IPS Code of Conduct

The International Planetarium Society (IPS) is the global association of planetarium professionals. Our members come from all around the world and bring a full spectrum of experiences, differences, and unique perspectives to our community. The IPS recognizes that it is through this diversity that our organization can grow and find success in our shared mission to enhance the world’s appreciation and understanding of our universe. Therefore, we are committed to respecting and embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion in people, ideas, and opinions and providing a welcoming environment for all members of our international community.

Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure a safe environment and the best possible experience for all IPS members. Our goal is to develop and maintain a culture and climate within the IPS where all community members experience a sense of belonging and engagement - a place where everyone’s well-being is valued and supported through respectful, authentic, and positive interactions with other members. Therefore, we do not allow any form of bullying, discrimination, harassment, racism, retaliation, threatening behavior, or any other inappropriate conduct that violates IPS standards.

The IPS Code of Conduct applies to all IPS-related activities, including conferences and events, online social media platforms, one-on-one member interactions, and in situations where members are representing the IPS inside and outside of our community.

Throughout the history of the IPS, our members have maintained our high standards of professionalism, integrity, and respect without threat of disciplinary action. Our Code of Conduct is in place to reassure our members that this environment will continue. Our Code of Conduct is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete set of guidelines/rules and other forms of misconduct not listed may result in disciplinary action, ranging from immediate suspension from IPS activities up to and including removal from the IPS.


As members of the IPS community,

● We respect the Code of Conduct and act with integrity and professionalism.

● We treat everyone with respect.

● We embrace diversity and are mindful of all audiences in our presentations, demonstrations, and conversations.

● We act in good faith and do not make knowingly false statements, allegations, or accusations against others.

● We uphold these values and set an example for those around us.


Since the IPS is an international community, it is important to recognize that behavior and language that is acceptable in one particular cultural environment may not be acceptable to another. Therefore, to the best of our ability, we use discretion to ensure that our words and actions communicate respect for others.


In general, harassment is any form of excessive and/or persistent conduct that causes alarm or distress, whether based on race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, illness, impairment, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, parental status, pregnancy status, marital status, political affiliation, military and veteran status, mental health status, socioeconomic status or background, neurotype, physical appearance, or any other reason. Harassment may include any excessive forms of unwelcome attention, pressure, or intimidation.


In order to maintain a professional atmosphere that is safe and welcoming to all, the IPS is committed to ensuring all voices are heard and all interactions are respectful. As such, IPS members make a good faith effort to do the following:

● Be mindful with our words and actions; exercise good judgement and character

● Approach situations and conversations with an open mind

● Be aware that our assumptions may impact others

● Give others the chance to speak

● Accept that others’ lives and experiences are different from our own

● Accept that others’ boundaries (emotional, physical, etc.) may be different from our own

● Remind ourselves that inclusion is about promoting mutual respect

● Be accountable for our actions

● Practice patience and empathy, and provide opportunities to make amends where appropriate


The IPS understands that given the diversity of our community, it may be challenging to determine when our actions will have a negative impact on others. It is wise to think critically about our behavior and consider checking in with trusted colleagues to gauge whether our self-assessment is accurate. In the case of unintended offensive behavior, an apology, recognition of that offense, and commitment to changing behavior in the future is key to maintaining an atmosphere of respect.


At Conferences & Events

Everyone attending IPS conferences and events is entitled to an environment:

● Free from intimidation or threats

● Free from physical assault of any type

● Free from unwanted sexual attention or contact

○ e.g., sexually suggestive comments or images, innuendos, or non-consensual touching

● Free from unwanted photography or video recording

○ e.g., photographing or recording someone after they’ve asked you to stop

● Free from bullying

○ e.g., using abusive or insulting language or spreading rumors


At IPS conferences and events, speakers should be mindful of potentially offensive actions, language, or imagery used in their presentations. If the presenter decides to include any potentially offensive materials to convey a message, the IPS respectfully asks that they warn the audience at the beginning of the talk and provide them with the opportunity to leave the room to avoid seeing or hearing the material.

All IPS conference and event attendees are expected to play a role in creating a safe and inviting atmosphere. If any one of us is asked to stop an inappropriate behavior, we will do so IMMEDIATELY. Any individual asked to stop any behavior but disagreeing with the need to do so must initially cease the behavior, but then may raise the issue with the IPS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Chairs.

Considering the history of our IPS community, misconduct is rare. Should a violation occur, the below reporting procedure and policies have been created by the IPS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee in conjunction with the IPS By-Laws and Standing Rules, and are intended to provide consistency and due process for all parties involved.


The IPS EDI Committee is committed to supporting and fostering healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and a strong community. Therefore, the EDI Committee handles reports pertaining to Code of Conduct violations.

In order for the EDI Committee to take action on an incident or violation of the Code of Conduct, a percipient witness (someone who directly witnessed or someone who was directly involved in the event) needs to document the incident or violation by submitting a grievance via

Generally, in order to protect all parties involved, detailed public statements about Code of Conduct incidents will not be made. EDI Committee Chairs will communicate any necessary details with authorized individuals on a case-by-case basis (see CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY below).


The IPS is committed to an environment that protects anyone who makes a report or participates in an investigation pertaining to alleged violations of the IPS Code of Conduct, policies, and/or procedures.

The IPS prohibits retaliation against anyone who:

  • submits a complaint
  • states intentions to make a complaint
  • is involved in a complaint investigation

This policy is crucial to maintaining an atmosphere in which people feel safe to raise questions and concerns at any time.

If a report is submitted regarding retaliation, the incident may be treated as harassment and the retaliator will be subject to disciplinary action (determined on a case-by-case basis).


The IPS respects the privacy of our membership and is committed to upholding the highest standards possible for managing private and confidential information in a secure and professional manner. Therefore, all members of IPS Leadership, including the Chairs of the EDI Committee, and all EDI Committee members, are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Grievances and complaints submitted via the IPS Grievance Form are considered confidential and will not be discussed outside the IPS investigation process. The act of intentionally disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons or causing information to be compromised through gross negligence is grounds for discipline, up to and including removal from the IPS.

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