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IPS Website Committee Reports

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Alan Gould, Chair

I. Function of the Committee

Develop and maintain the IPS web site on the World Wide Web portion of the Internet to provide information on the Society and its activities, with links to related Web sites.

II. Accomplishments of the Committee

July-Aug 2006: Redesigned IPS website implemented, with improved homepage, updated pages throughout, and improved navigation.

Sep-Oct 2006: Prepared and implemented pages for IPS elections, including online voting form with e-mail delivery of votes to election committee.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007: In consultation with officers, researched options and implemented Google Checkout for online payment of dues, renewals, donations, and purchase of CD-ROM archive set.

Folder/space on the website was created for Fulldome area, and permission given to Ryan Wyatt, Fulldome Committee Chair, to put/control content in that area. Similarly space was created for IPS Associates and IPS News and permission given to John Schröer to add IPS News items there. In each case, actual use of the areas has not yet occurred.

Ongoing: minor revisions and updates to pages as reported or required by officers, committee chairs, and other IPS members.

III. Future Goals of the Committee

Continue ongoing revisions and updates.Implement system of Google Map and/or Google Earth files for display of locations of planetariums around the world.

Explore other website services needed by IPS, e.g. wikis, rss feed, or listservs.

With help of officers, regional reps, committee chairs and other IPS members, add more interesting and current content, including graphics, animations, movies, and podcasts.

IV. Budget Requirements

Bid for professional service to implement Google Map/Earth project pending and deliberation by Council and/or officers to approve the job.

Last year I requested funds to upgrade my web software, but the funds were not needed, since my software was upgraded through work grant project.

V. Committee Members

VI. Comments

Backup system took a nosedive in March 2007 that reverberated in June 2007 when there was abortive effort to put IPS Associates item in left navigation area. Thanks to backup system at Science Museum of Virginia (SMV— host of IPS web server) and assistance from sysop Jim Peck, website was restored within a week.

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