Planetarium Development
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 installing new dome  old dome being lowered 

Installation of a new dome at Williamsville Space Lab Planetarium. Photos courtesy Mark Percy.


Want to build a new planetarium in your community - or upgrade and remodel your existing dome? Start here.

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A blog for planetariums and dome theaters, written by planetarians and dome experts from all over the planet. All posts, opinions and comments in this blog are personal and belong to its respective author. A highly recommended read. You can sign up to receive notices when new post are published at the Sciss site.

Other resources

IPS Planetarium Development Guide 

This document is in the process of being replaced by the new IPS 2017 Design+ Operations Guide. Although the content is dated, some material retains its usefulness. Click on the chapter title to read.


# Chapter Topic Author
1 Introduction (PDF) Ken Wilson
2 Working with Architects, Contractors, and Consultants (PDF) Kevin Scott
4 Theater Configuration (PDF) Kevin Scott
5 Planetarium Environment (PDF) Kevin Scott
7 Star Projectors (PDF) Ken Wilson
10 Video/Data Projection (PDF) Kevin Scott
14 Support Areas Karl von Ahnen
15 Operations Karen Klamczynski

See also:

Dome-L discussion of fire regulations in relation to planetariums.

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