Outreach Committee Reports
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IPS Ad Hoc Committee:

Outreach Committee Reports


I. Function of the Committee
This committee facilitates information between the IPS membership and other professional and educational organizations such as the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Space Telescope Institute, European Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency, and others. The committee makes connections to available sources of information, recommend partnerships with which planetariums can collaborate on activities or events, and provide media resource contacts.

II. Accomplishments of the Committee
A recent update on this committee’s activities was embodied in the President’s Message in the June issue of the Planetarian, as well as posted to the IPS website and IPSNews. The update shared some of the current resources available, or will be available, to our membership. These included:

  1. Involvement in the International Polar Year 2007 – ’08 activities and events at www.ipy.org
  2. Participation, planning and developing outreach programs for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 and the 400th year of the telescope as part of the Program Committee for the American Astronomy Society (AAS). Distribution of inexpensive telescopes, scheduled events and resources will be available to planetariums and science centers. A planetarium program relating to telescopes will be distributed by a consortium of planetariums developing the show (Adler, Buhl, & Imiloa), as well as a truncated version designed for kiosks (TBA). The IAU is developing similar resources for international users.
  3. Reaching out to more planetarians in third-world countries by using the international recognition of the IPS, in particular its contributions to space science education and alliances to projects worldwide, as well as inviting non-IPS people to conferences. Dave Weinrich and Joanne Young are leading this initiative.
  4. Participation in two panel discussions at the upcoming Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference in Chicago this fall. Focus is on engaging communities in educational and public outreach E/PO in astronomy, space, and earth science, and participation in the IYA 2009.
  5. Utilizing regional NASA "Brokers/Facilitators” in the U.S. to form partnerships in the dissemination of space science materials. Regional "Brokers-Facilitators” were listed in the June Planetarian article.
  6. List of European Space Agency (ESA) web sites for astronomy imagery that can be used in planetarium programs. These sites also contain video galleries, podcasts, animation downloads, and interactive features.

Further accomplishments now include:

  1. Suzy Gurton, Education Manager at the ASP, has agreed to assist in partnering the ASP’s E/OP with the IPS outreach. In particular, to share their opportunity sites like Project ASTRO, Astronomy from the Ground Up, and Night Sky Network. Also, Suzy is interested in partnering portable domes with the IYA goals.
  1. Inquired on how the IPS can be represented at the upcoming CAP2007 (Communicating Astronomy with the Public) meeting in Athens this October.
  2. Investigating the use of youtube/myspace/vodcasting mediascape to promote planetariums and planetarium programming on local levels.

III. Future Goals of the Committee

    1. Develop outcomes of panel sessions held at theASP Conference in Chicago this fall.
    2. Report on continuing development of AAS Planning Committee’s goals for the IYA.
    3. Make contacts for shared outreach possibilities regarding the IYA2009 in Australia, Europe, and Asia.
    4. Communicating in the Web 2.0 - youtube/myspace/vodcasting mediascape

IV. Budget Requirements
No budget is requested at this time.

V. Committee Members

Jon Elvert photo
  • Jon Elvert, Chair <jelvert@lasm.org>
    Irene W. Pennington Planetarium
    Louisiana Art & Science Museum
    100 South River Road
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802 USA
    (1) 225 344 5272 x141
  • Thomas KraupeThomas Kraupe <thomas.kraupe@planetarium-hamburg.de>, Planetarium Hamburg
    Hindenburgstrasse 1 b
    D-22303 Hamburg, GERMANY
    (49) 40 428 86 52 21
  • Shoiochi Itoh <khf11056@nifty.com>, Suginami Science Education Center
    3-3-13 Shimizu, Suginami-ku
    Tokyo 167-0033 Japan
    (81) 3-3396-4391

Respectively submitted,

Jon W. Elvert
IPS Outreach Committee Chair

28 June 2007


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