Eugenides Script Writing Competition Guidelines
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Eugenides Script Writing Competition


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APPENDIX D (revised July 12th, 2009)



The IPS-Eugenides Foundation Script Contest started in the early 1980s and has changed over the years following the latest developments in the Planetarium business.

The main goals of the contest remain the same:

1) Support the role of content development in planetarium presentations and

2) Promote good script writing practices among IPS members.

The contest is international and the English language is chosen as the official language.

IPS recognizes the diversity of its membership in terms of facility instrumentation, size, staff, mission, and location. It is this diversity which brings strength and creativity to our community of professionals and our audiences. In order to avoid limitations in the script which may occur due to specific equipment installations, we encourage authors to explore their vision of a script without those restrictions. To support the main goals of the contest with the least constraints on imagination and creativity, consider a broad scientific subject with the goal of a full dome environment capability. The objective is to expand our vision of a script which might otherwise be defined by instrumentation instead of by the author’s originality and inspiration.



1. General

    1. To encourage excellence in planetarium show production, the IPS announces a script competition sponsored by the Eugenides Foundation in Athens, Greece.

    2. The purpose of the competition shall be the creation of a script that could be used for the development of a digital fulldome show for a target audience of your choice (for example: children, general public or school groups of a certain age range) on any science related topic.

    3. First and Second place winners will be selected according to the terms described below.

    4. Any currently enrolled IPS member may enter one or more scripts.

    5. Eugenides Foundation employees are not permitted to participate in the contest.

    6. All scripts remain the author's property, but the IPS retains the right to publish them in the Planetarian and/or upload them on its Webpage for IPS members viewing only.

  1. Contest Rules and Procedures

    1. Previously submitted scripts, any material published elsewhere and all scripts that have been integrated into planetarium productions already released or which are scheduled for release before the IPS Conference of the year in which the awards will be presented, are not eligible.

    2. Authors should submit to the contest's Committee Chair:

      1. one hard copy of the release form

      2. one printed copy of the script signed on each page for the files of the Committee’s Chair

      3. an unsigned electronic version (Word-format) of the script, using the appropriate template provided on the IPS website

    3. Each script will be evaluated according to the criteria set out below by three judges chosen by the contest's Committee Chair from IPS Fellows.

    4. Author names will not be divulged to the judges.

    5. The contest's Committee Chair will quantify the totals from the judges’ evaluations to determine the winners.

    6. Entries may be submitted between July 1 and December 31 of the odd numbered years (non-conference years). Please mail scripts to the contest's Committee Chair:

Planetarium Hamburg
IPS/Eugenides Foundation Script Contest
Thomas W. Kraupe - Committee Chair
Hindenburgstr. 1b (Stadtpark)
D-22303 Hamburg

    1. The contest’s Committee Chair will inform IPS officers and all Council members of the outcome of the contest in time before any announcements.

    2. The two winners will be notified after Council verifies the results and in advance of the IPS conference during which the Awards Ceremony will be held. This procedure will be followed so that the winning authors have enough time to make all necessary travel arrangements if they wish to be present.

    3. The two winning authors will be recognized with certificates and prize money during the awards ceremony at the IPS Conference of the following year.

    4. Script Format:

      1. Scripts should be written in English, conforming to the specific template and the sample page which can be downloaded from the IPS Webpage, with the scene descriptions for the fulldome visuals, the duration of the scenes and the narration entered in the relevant columns, double-spaced with pages numbered.

      2. A short abstract detailing the script’s main theme must be submitted on a separate page.

      3. The length of the script should conform to either of the two main timeframes that are generally used by planetariums worldwide, i.e. either 20 to 25 minutes, or 35 to 45 minutes.

      4. If the above requirements are not met, a script may be disqualified.

3. Evaluative Criteria

In the assumption that the above format for submission has been met, the judges will evaluate each script according to:

    1. factual accuracy

    2. originality in presentation and content

    3. creativity in storytelling

    4. educational value

    5. scene description

    6. flow of scenes

    7. entertainment value

and allocate points to each of the above on a 1 to 10 scale (10 corresponding to the maximum number of points).

4. Awards Categories and Values

First $1500 (US)

Second $500 (US)

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