IPS Awards Committee Report 2010
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International Planetarium Society

Awards and Fellowships Presented at IPS'10 in Alexandria

Lars Broman

Chair, IPS Awards Committee

The awards ceremony took place during the Gala Dinner of IPS'10 at El-Salamlek Palace in Alexandria, Egypt. All awards and fellowships were decided by IPS Council during the meeting in Toulouse, France a year ago.

IPS most prestigious award, the Service Award, was given to Thomas Kraupe by IPS President Thomas Mason. An IPS Service Award shall be bestowed, from time to time, by the Society upon an individual or institution whose presence and work in the planetarium field has been, through the years, an inspiration to the profession and its members. Thomas Kraupe worked at major planetariums for many years - in Stuttgart, Munich and New York City. Since 2000 he is Director of Hamburg Planetarium, Germany, and he has served ÊIPS in many ways for over two decades. He was IPS President 1997-98 and when he was chosen as President-Elect in the fall of 1994, he was the first (and to-date only) planetarian from a non-English speaking country to be elected.He has been active in connecting IPS with professional astronomical associations and Space Agencies. With ESA he launched a media distribution service for IPS members, initiated a renewed IPS web presence and strengthened the internationality of IPS. He has served in a number of IPS Committees, worked on the just revived the IPS Eugenides script writing competition. With his energy and curiosity for innovative technologies Thomas has been pushing for cross-media and cross-platform projects connecting planetariums with other learning experiences and opened new formats and angles for what a planetarium theater can be. He helped many sites in launching their new planetarium and initiated best practice for combining arts and sciences under the dome. As representative of the Council of German Planetaria, he continued to support IPS as an active member on council in the last decade and helped to set up new initiatives for planetariums.

The Technology and Innovation Award was given to Terence Murtagh by IPS Past-President Susan Reynolds Button. IPS Technology and Innovation Award shall be bestowed, from time to to time, by the Society upon an individual whose technology and/or innovations in the planetarium field have been, through the years, utilized or replicated by other members and/or planetariums. Murtagh has for decades worked with developing and introducing first flat-screen video and then all-dome video for the planetarium world, starting the present revolution of planetarium technology. He was IPS President 1989-90 and he is presently associated with Evans&Sutherland, USA.

The President Award was given to Susan Reynolds Button by Former President Martin George. Button was IPS President 2007-08 and she has for a long timed worked with making mobile planetariums recognized by IPS.

All these three awards were made of crystal glass, molded in the shape of an iceberg and engraved by the Swedish Nybro Glassworks; beautiful but very heavy!

In order to be named Fellow of IPS, a member must have continuous active membership in good standing in IPS for at least five years, and substantial contributions in at least two of the following respects: Serving IPS in elective office, diligent and/or devoted committee work, and the organization of conferences and meetings. Relevant and significant publications and/or conference presentations. Cooperation with professional societies, organizations and groups which bring attention to the importance of planetariums’ existence. The development of new methods in the planetarium field.

Six deserving IPS members were named Fellows of IPS: Chris Janssen and André Milis, Belgium. Andreas Hänel and Andreas Scholl, Germany. Thomas Hamilton and Mike Murray, USA. The new Fellows received a Fellowship Diploma from Awards Committee Chair Lars Broman; those not present get their diplomas by mail.

The role of IPS Awards Committee is to collect nominations for awards and fellowships from IPS members, and then present nominations together with the Committee's recommendations to the off-year Council Meetings. After the Council's decisions, the Committee then prepares the Awards and Diplomas to be given at next year's IPS Conference. Next Call for Nominations will be published in a coming issue of Planetarian.

Planetarians gathered at IPS'10 Gala Dinner in the garden of El-Salamlek Palace. Photo by Martin George.

IPS 2010 Banquet where Awards were presented in Alexandria


Thomas Kraupe receives service award

Thomas Kraupe was a very happy receiver of IPS Service Award. Photo by Martin George.

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