Online Lesson Bank for Planetariums
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The IPS Education Committee presents the following online lessons. These lessons are designed to be done in a classroom setting followed up by a visit to a planetarium. We hope that you find them useful. 

If you have a lesson to share, contact Jeanne Bishop, Education Committee chair.

Title/Description Suggested Grade Level Source Date Posted

Personal Constellation Lesson: This is a pre- or post-visit activity about constellations. Students will create constellations from their own names.

3-adult April Whitt 2/16/2002

Heliocentric Plotting of the Inner Planets: This is an activity that could precede a visit to the planetarium in which current planet positions are shown, and planetary motions are demonstrated. The students plot the positions of the zodiac constellations and planet positions, answer questions, and make predictions.

10-12 Gary Sampson 2/16/2002

Solar System Stroll: This could serve as a pre- or post-visit activity focused on the Solar System. The students calculate and explore a true scale model of the Solar System. Options are provided to accommodate various mathematical levels.

5-12 Geoff Holt 2/18/2002


Another excellent source of lessons and demonstrations is The Universe at Your Fingertips, available through the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.


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