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Delegate-led sessions are a crucial part of every planetarium conference. When delegates take the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise on subjects, everyone benefits. Our conference theme is Educating for the Future, and some suggested session themes include: Science visualization & Big data to dome, Pacific sky lore, International Year of Light 2015, Earth sciences in planetariums, Live &interactive programs, Art and domes, Astronomy/Planetariums in China, Mobiel domes, Latest excitement in Astronomy (results from Planck, ALMA,TMT, GAIA, LAMOST, FAST, TMT, etc.), Building and operating a planetarium, and Others.

At IPS2014, we will offer four types of delegate-led presentations: paper sessions, panel sessions, workshops, and posters.


Paper length will be limited to 10 minutes with an additional 2 minutes at the end for questions.

Panel sessions and workshops will typically be limited to 45 minutes but longer sessions need approval by Conference Host. The session moderator will time and enforce these limits.

The Conference Paper Chair will notify you whether your submission was accepted by 10 May.

You must email your paper/panel/workshop to ipspapers@bjp.org.cn by 21 May.

Complete instructions will accompany your paper acceptance notification.

You must be an IPS member and pay conference registration fees to present a paper/panel/workshop.

Paper/panel/workshop sessions may not be used to make sales presentations.

Vendors who wish to make sales presentations should email Dr. Dongni Chen at dnchen@bjp.org.cn

To submit a paper, panel, or workshop, please fill out pages of the forms linked below, and returnit to ipspapers@bjp.org.cn by 20 April.


2014PaperSubmissionForm.pdf ~~ 2014PaperSubmissionForm.xlsx

2014paperabstractform.pdf ~~ 2014paperabstractform.xlsx


Posters will be limited to approximately 4 feet of table-top space and should have a cardboard backing similar to those used at science fairs. For the benefit of delegates, please include a photograph of yourself on your poster(including your name and email address) so delegates can recognize you during the conference.

You will need to spend one hour of conference time staffing your poster (24 June, 09:40-10:40).

Poster submission forms and abstracts must be returned to ipspapers@bjp.org.cn by 20 April,2014.

The Conference Paper Chair will notify you whether your submission was accepted by 10 May.

You must be a member of IPS and pay conference registration fees to set up a poster.

Please bring sufficient copies of handouts. We expect up to 400 delegates at this conference.

Posters may not be used as sales displays. Vendors who wish to set up sales displays should email Dr. Dongni Chen at dnchen@bjp.org.cn.

To submit a poster, please fill out both pages of the forms linked below, and return it to ipspapers@bjp.org.cn.


2014PosterSubmissionForm.pdf ~~ 2014PosterSubmissionForm.xlsx

2014posterabstractform.pdf ~~ 2014posterabstractform.xlsx


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