2012 Election: Gail Chaid
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Candidate Statement:
Gail Chaid

I am Gail Chaid, IPS representative from the Pacific Planetarium Association since 2002. PPA includes the states of Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. You have probably seen my writing in the International News section of the Planetarian, Journal of the International Planetarium Society. I write the PPA news four times a year and, like all the other IPS representatives, our contributions are in the International News section.

I have attended IPS conferences consistently since 2000 and have been on Council since 2002, attending meetings in Wichita, Kansas; Valencia, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; Chicago, Illinois; Alexandria, Egypt and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am honored to be a recipient of a 2012 IPS Fellow Award.

I was PPA President in 1996-97. I have organized several PPA conferences. One was in Yosemite National Park. Another conference was co-hosted by the California Science Teachers Association in San Jose, California. I helped organize the Western Alliance Conference with host Dr. Neal Brown in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2007. I have contributed to the Great Western Observer, the quarterly electronic online magazine for the Western Alliance of Planetariums, which is all planetariums west of the Mississippi River.

My career background is in education. I taught high school in San Jose, California for 38 years, 18 of those in a high school planetarium. I have a bachelor of science degree, a master’s degree and six education credentials, including life teaching credentials in Standard Secondary Education, Mathematics and the Multicultural and Language Clad Credential.

The high school and community where I taught had 42 primary languages represented. I taught years in "sheltered” classes where children of many languages and cultures work together in the mathematics class to gradually perfect their English language skills as well as their math skills.

In addition to teaching, I organized NASA workshops for Santa Clara County science teachers and partnered with the Planetary Society, NASA, and the SETI Institute to host free public events at the high school.

My leadership style is centered in communication. I listen. I am flexible in my thinking and I have common sense. My wish for my family is that they stay safe and stay healthy. I see the same idea for the global family of IPS planetariums. Stay safe and do whatever it takes keep the planetarium open. Communicating with the community and the media on a regular basis becomes important. Stay healthy by continually enriching and improving presentations. Stay current and move forward.

Maintaining the lines of communication for all of us in IPS is essential. We have a shared interest to know what good things you are doing. Communication is the way we can share ideas and creative forces. We are such a creative group and I am proud of the work by individuals in IPS. I encourage you to communicate with your IPS representative and share what you are doing. So many people write for the Planetarian only when they are doing technology upgrades or they are getting new equipment. However, the riches of what you have to offer is in your teaching and your presentations. I encourage you to share the wealth of what you know in that regard. Teach us how you teach. You are great educators.

If you don’t have time to write, just call your IPS representative and report what great things you are doing. It is our job as your reps to write what you say to us for the Planetarian.

It is my mission to encourage IPS members to share more of their wealth of ideas for education in astronomy with all of us. Sharing your ideas in the Planetarian is one way. Attending conferences is another. There were so many exciting presentations at the Baton Rouge conference. I applaud you and your work. Continue to enrich us with your ideas. It is the finest way to strengthen our organization and to expand IPS within each geographical area of the globe. By communicating with us consistently, you touch us all with your skills, talents and enthusiasm. Stay safe, stay healthy and safe journey, hopefully to future IPS conferences!

Gail Chaid


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