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Many Voices, One Sky: Voices from the Dome

Voices from the Dome is an international project, open to all planetarium operators, to build a collection of short mp3 audio clips for use in the planetarium.

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Make your voice heard 

Planetarian colleagues from around the world are invited to prepare a short text and then to record an audio clip in English - or in your own native language or regional dialect. The author (or a collaborator of the author) then reads the text aloud, and records this “astronomical tweet” as an mp3 file. You can record with a computer microphone, or even with your cell phone.

Many voices, one sky

In the planetarium community it is common to share images and video. Imagine this initiative as an audio users group that shares audio files of astronomical commentaries as well. 

Imagine your computer full of audio files. Instead of using many images that often obscure the stars, you could build live planetarium shows using many voices instead to help your audience to discover the real night sky. In this way perhaps you can challenge their misconceptions and enrich their perceptions.

When enough voices clips become available in particular subjects or from geographic areas, you can select a list of audio files, much as you would select a list of visuals for a presentation, and introduce each “voice” to the audience. When possible, you could translate when files of different languages are used.

Small or mobile planetariums can easily use these files with a mobile phone or a laptop connected to an amplifier or speakers.

Ideas for possible clips

  • Classic planetarium topics, such as Polaris, the apparent movement of the sky, constellations, seasons, equinox and solstices, and other subjects you use frequently. Imagine a show devoted to one of these subjects using “voices” as commentaries from different countries; an example would be “Four seasons, four continents.”

  • "Welcome to the Planetarium" in various languages, especially nice for visitors from other countries.

  • Original astronomical commentaries and descriptions of celestial bodies and phenomena visible with the naked eye.

  • Planetarians’ personal memories; funny, curious, interesting facts under the dome and the night sky. How did you get into the planetarium field, for example.

  • Curious and original questions from the audience and how you answered them.

If you have more ideas, please share them with Loris Ramponi (see contact info at the bottom of this page).

Basic requirements

When preparing your audio clip please include:

  1. The written text of the commentary in English or at least a brief summary or description;

  2. The audio recording, in any language, as an mp3 file (maximum duration of 3 minutes) without music;

  3. Information about the author, including full name, institution, city, state and/or country, and email address; and

  4. The language of the audio file or, in the case of a regional dialect, also the geographic area of the dialect.

Share your voice now! Send to:

Loris Ramponi
Osservatorio Serafino Zani
Via Bosca 24
25066 Lumezzane – Italy
Email: osservatorio@serafinozani.it or megrez58@gmail.com


 Commercial interest? No Thanks!

“Voices from the Dome” is not a commercial project and all the materials must be freely available without cost or necessity of special permission. To this end, each audio clip must be made without music and contain only the voice of the contributor. The work must be able to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License as public domain material.


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