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LIPS 2011 Attendees  

Attendees of the first LIPS in 2011

Resources for presenting live, interactive planetarium shows

Live Interactive Planetarium Symposia -

GLPA's "Live from the Planetarium" -

Lawrence Hall of Science: Planetarium Educator's Workshop Guide -



2016 July 

From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA
From Museum of Science Boston, resources designed to accompany a MOS fulldome show by the same name are available free of charge. They can be used independent of the show by a live presenter to explore engineering themes and can be adapted for use in any planetarium program or classroom. The three modules are:

Design a Mission
This bundle includes a series of visual sequences that can be used by a live Planetarium presenter and provides an opportunity to interact with visitors or students while exploring some of the basic steps in the engineering design process. Audiences or students will take an active role in selecting a mission and making spacecraft design choices and later learn whether their mission choices led to failure or success.

Image from Gravity and Space Travel ModuleGravity And Space Travel
This series of short (1-3 minute) clips for fulldome theaters or classrooms examines the use of gravity assists in space travel, and introduces audiences to the concepts of momentum and energy conservation. This module includes recorded narration and music but is designed to be flexible so that planetarians or teachers can opt to present portions of this content live, rather than using the full prerecorded clips.

Fixing The Hubble Space Telescope
This 8-minute video for fulldome theaters or classrooms explores the challenges and engineering behind the Hubble repair. It includes recorded narration and music and features the voice of astronaut Jeff Hoffman, one of the astronauts on Hubble’s Servicing Mission 1 in 1993.

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NEW: The modules also are available from the ESO (European Southern Observatory) archive, making it now much easier for any planetarium in the world to download the 4k frames.

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2015 October:
Kepler Minishows, designed to be 15 minutes or so in length:

  • Hunting for Water
  • Inside the Zodiac
  • Searching for Other Earths


From the Planetarium Activities for Successful Shows (PASS) series:

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