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Dear [person], [or To whom it may concern:]

This letter is in support of [NameOfPlanetarium]. The planetarium plays a vital role in STEM education for students and citizens of [LocaleOfPlanetarium]. It reveals a magnificent simulation of starry skies and other immersive scenes that create vivid and exciting educational experiences to entice and effectively enable people to learn about the universe we live in. Experiences in a planetarium can contribute to improved outcomes in traditional school settings. Moreover, students are more likely to choose STEM careers after their planetarium experience. Planetariums are among the most durable, versatile, and cost-effective of educational tools. Worldwide, planetariums are the the classrooms and theaters of public science education that have served perhaps a billion people during the past century.

We live in a time when quality science education is more important than ever and a scientifically literate public is an essential part of the progress of any community. Planetariums both inspire and educate people of all ages about our place in the Universe. They are often a place in which young people become enthused and inspired to follow a scientific career. Many of today's leading scientists, engineers and astronauts chose their careers because they were captivated by the experience of a planetarium visit.

Please support the [NameOfPlanetarium]!



[See also: IPS Position Statement on the Role of Planetariums in Education.]

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