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Free Fulldome Programs and Clips
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Fulldome Programs



The Dark Matter Mystery: Exploring a Cosmic Secret

Produced by the Planetarium in Laupheim, Germany and written by Dr. Rafael Lang, the show is being released under a Creative Commons license and freely available for download at  Duration: 38 minutes; resolutions: 2k, 4k; languages: German, English, and French and Italian (audio only). Go to a fulldome preview. 24 August 2016

The Incredible Sun

From Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Discover our star through the breathtaking timelapses from real images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and processed by advanced mathematical methods. 11 minutes. 4 August 2016.

The Hot and Energetic Universe

...presents the achievements of modern astronomy, the most advanced terrestrial and orbital observatories, the basic principles electromagnetic radiation and the natural phenomena related to the High Energy Astrophysics. 13 July 2016.



Produced by Zeiss for the International Year of Light in 2015, Light is still available for free download. The 7-minute teaser is designed for domes with a unidirectional orientation. Light, of course, is a subject too broad to be covered in a few minutes. With a well-assorted selection, though, the teaser gives viewers an idea of the wide diversity of light effects. 18 April 2016

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 

Astronomy Photographer of the Year (14:15, 30fps 4k domemasters) from Royal Observatory Greenwich comes shipped on a USB3 1TB drive (yours to keep) with a comprehensive, full-colour A4 presenter’s guide. Live presentations encouraged but an optional narration track is supplied with an original musical score. To get a copy, see the form at ...a lower resolution video is also available for download. 10 November 2015


Invisible Mars

Fulldome (DigitalSky2.3) adaptation of "Invisible Mars" from the NASA MAVEN Mission to Mars.; If you aren't running DigitalSky in your theater, you can still download the assets and adapt the show for your platform. The media consists of some 2x1 Equatorial Cylindrical Equidistant textures (of Mars, Earth, and the sun), a few images, and a couple of MP4 movies. For DigitalSky, I wrapped the textures onto dummy sphere objects in the planetarium to simulate viewing the Science On a Sphere in the dome. The "" file in the link have all the assets (including the presenter script) you need for adapting the show. For more about MAVEN and its outreach programs, go to Enjoy! Please drop me a line at tkomatsu (at) berkeley (dot) edu if you decide to use the program, adapt it, or have questions. From Toshi Komatsu, The Lawrence Hall of Science


From Earth to the Universe

From Earth to the Universe (30 minutes, 4K), a journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today’s grandest telescopes. The show was produced for the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre, to be opened in 2017. From European Southern Observatory. 10 June 2015


Aurora Storm

Aurora Storm(11 minutes) is a NASA-funded fulldome show about northern lights, produced by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Distributed by Loch Ness productions. 4 June 2015


The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph 

The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (28 minutes). Aimed at audiences 12+, the show covers the Hubble C.O.S. instrument, the nature of light, spectroscopy, the use of quasars as background light sources, material identification by spectrum, and the cycling of material within and surrounding galaxies. Produced by Fiske Planetarium, assisted by the professional astronomers in our academic department during production to ensure accuracy. Contact Chris Maytag to request access. Please include the name of your facility’s director/manager & contact information, your facility name, type (academic, commercial, etc.), and how many your theater seats for our records. 25 April 2015



SUNSTRUCK. A full dome planetarium show about the sun. Produced by the Michigan Science Center under a NASA grant. The show is available for order and small fee of $100 USD covers the cost of the hard drive (loaded with the show assets) and shipping. Evans & Sutherland, Audio Visual Imagineering and Digitalis have partnered to be third-party distributors and have encoded the show to be compatible with their systems. 7 April 2015


Loch Ness Bonus Shows 

Loch Ness Productions Bonus Shows. Some of these shows have no license fees, and are available for download. For others, Loch Ness may charge for making the movie encodes, and/or the media they ship them on. 26 March 2015


Journey to the Centre of the Millky Way

Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way, a 7-minute planetarium mini-show produced by the education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD) of the European Southern Observatory (ESO), available for free in 4k resolution. November 2014


Monsters of the Cosmos

Monsters of the Cosmos: The latest mashup from Symphony of Science. Created by John D. Boswell (a.k.a. melodysheep), in partnership with Mike Farr and Matthew Mascheri. From Symphony of Science, December 2014

New Horizons for a Little Planet

New Horizons for a Little Planet is a new free fulldome show is a lighthearted introduction to NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. The show is distributed by Audio Visual Imagineering (AVI) and comes with a resource package. From Hartnell College Planetarium, November 2014.

British Fulldome Institute

British Fulldome Institute promotes a greater understanding of and access to fulldome (360˚) immersive film, the cinema of the future. Some free fulldome material is available. (Since February 20, 2014)

Two Small Pieces of Glass 

Two Small Pieces of Glass: A program about telescopes, produced for International Year of Astronomy (2009) and Galileo's 400th Anniversary. Contact Shawn Laatsch at the
Emera Astronomy Center at the University of Maine at or Charissa Sedor at at Buhl Planetarium, Pittsburgh, Pennslvania for more information. From Imiloa Planetarium, Interstellar Studios, and Carnegie Science Center

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System: A fulldome and flat-screen show, available to museums, planetariums, and other non-profit institutions. This production is part of NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer's (IBEX) Education and Public Outreach Program, led by Adler Planetarium and with visualizations from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). From Adler Planetarium

Back to the Moon for Good

Back to the Moon For Good: Chronicles teams around the world competing for the largest incentivized prize in history, by landing a robotic spacecraft on the Moon for the first time in more than 40 years. From Google XPrize


Dark: A fulldome movie that explains and explores the nature of Dark Matter, the missing 80% of the mass of the Universe. From iVEC and University of Western Australia

Waiting Far Away

Waiting Far Away: “An explorer of the cosmos has traveled too far… And can’t find home.” For more information, see From The Charles Hayden Planetarium

2015 September UPDATE:
Waiting Far Away has been translated into French, German, Russian, and Czech. Contact Jason Fletcher at the Fulldome Blog (link above) for information.

2016 July UPDATE:
Jason reports that translations also are available now in Farsi, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish (Castilian), and Telugu.

Cosmic Castaways

Cosmic Castaways: Based on research from astronomers at Youngstown State University, the program explains how stars can be ejected from galaxies by gravitational perturbation. From Ward Beecher Planetarium/CosmoQuest


Art-Science-Wonder: A short (approximately 6 minutes) music presentation. From Ward Beecher Planetarium/CosmoQuest:

thumbnail of fulldome image

Losing the Dark

Losing the Dark: A short public service announcement about light pollution, produced by Loch Ness in collaboration with the International Dark Sky Association, IPS, and others. From Loch Ness Productions

thumbnail of A Glorious Dawn

A Glorious Dawn

A Glorious Dawn: Planetarium adaptation of Carl Sagan's Cosmos video—musical arrangement and remix by John Boswell - The Symphony of Science. Created by participants of the 2011 Blender Production Workshop. From Ott Planetarium

thumbnail of Space Shapes

Space Shapes

Space Shapes: A short introduction to the planetarium environment that discusses different round shapes in space for pre-school audiences (round like a pancake or round like a ball?). Created by participants of the 2010 Blender Production Workshop. From Ott Planetarium

thumbnail of Clockwork Skies

Clockwork Skies

Clockwork Skies: Explores the patterns of motion and time in our skies. Created by participants of the 2010 Blender Production Workshop. From 

Free Planetarium Products from European Southern Observatory (ESO): fulldome clips, full-length shows, music tracks, and more. Part of the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre project.
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