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Italian Association of Planetaria
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Italian Association of Planetaria (IAP)

Affiliate Representative: 

Loris Ramponi

National Archive of Planetaria
C/O Centro Studi e Ricerche Serafino Zani
via Bosca 24, C.P. 104
I 25066 Lumezzane (Brescia) ITALY
+39 30 872 164
+39 30 872 545 fax


Webmaster - Gabriele Umbriaco

Newsletter: Newsletter of the Italian Association of Planetaria (in Italian) by Gianluca Ranzini and Dario Tiveron

President - Gianluca Ranzini
Vice-president - Simonetta Ercoli
Secretary - Loris Ramponi
Treasurer - Walter Riva
Board of directors - Gian Nicola Cabizza, Emanuele Balboni, Dario Tiveron

 About Loris:

I’m the founder and the secretary of the national Association of Planetaria (since 1986) and the coordinator of Serafino Zani Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium and other organizations.

I promote the prize “Two weeks in Italy” and other Italian initiatives open to everyone in the world. My purpose is to invite other colleagues to do the same, because all these activities can increase IPS programs.

Loris Ramponi (left) with Stephen Case, the 2016 Week in Italy winner Loris Ramponi (left) with Stephen Case, the 2016 Week in Italy winner


There are 36 members among the Italian Association of Planetaria (PlanIt). The total number of Italian planetariums is at least 150.

The Italian Association of Planetaria organizes each April a National Conference open to everyone.

The yearly Prize PlanIt invites everyone to produce a fulldome video. Each year the duplicate of the winner product has been diffused to PlanIt members. The deadline of the prize is on 28 February.


An Astronomical Experience in Italy for an American Planetarium Operator (see more on the An Experience in Italy page) is a yearly prize organized since 1996 for American teachers and planetarians by the IPS Portable Planetarium Committee in collaboration with the astronomical organizations of Brescia and Lumezzane (Serafino Zani Astronomical Observatory), “StarLight…a handy planetarium” Association (Perugia), and the Astronomical Center of Farra d’Isonzo (Gorizia).

PlanItalia is a national project promoted by PlanIt that involves many planetariums around a Solar System in scale calculated for the Italian country. The planetary orbits are drawn on the Italian map and include different astronomical sites – planetariums, observatories, universities – from Padua (the sun) to Catania (Neptune). The project is coordinated by Simonetta Ercoli, through her “StarLight…a handy planetarium” association ( Each year PlanItalia members are involved by PlanIt in the organizations of public special events that happen the same day in different cities.

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