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2016 IPS Elections
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IPS 2016

Warsaw, Poland
June 19–25

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IPS 2018

Toulouse, France
July 1–6

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More details coming as the date nears; link here for  preliminary information from Planetarian 


See the final version of the
Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

There is still time for members to take part in the Education Committee's Education Program Information Survey


quote from Johannes Kepler: The ways by which men arrive at knowledge of the celestial things are hardly less wonderful than the nature of these things themselves

 What's new on this site:


Celebrate the Solstice on June 21

Solstice2016 is looking for planetariums to take part in its world-wide celebration.

It is looking to connect solstice celebrations all over the world in a 24-hour, non-stop, and unique admiration of the sun on the Earth. It is “24 hours of Happy Hour” On June 21 from 5 to 6 p.m. for every time zone, starting at the dateline and travelling west, opening a little window into parts of the world where one normally may not travel.

Streamed content will feature contributions from artists, poets, musicians, and scientists as they share their individual views and interpretations about the sun.

This is the pilot for an annual global event. Solstice2016 hopes you will open your doors or bring this event into your day and add streamed celebration for your visitors, friends, and family through an online screening. You are welcome to add your own events for whatever period of time you would like to schedule, as long as the time includes the “happy hour” of 5 to 6 p.m.

Contact Solstice2016 for more information or to suggest a venue. Email: Website:



IPS Welcomes new Social Media Editor: Anna Green

Anna Green

I am the Planetarium Manager of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium at the Saint Louis Science Center (Missouri, USA) where I do a little bit of everything when it comes to day-to-day operations. I love that I have the opportunity to inspire the visitors who will be the next generation of planetarians in the place I saw my first star show as a toddler.

When I'm not teaching visitors about astronomy, how our opto-mechanical projector works, or human spaceflight exploration, I enjoy training my rescue German Shepherd, singing, learning other languages, and reading.

I'm excited to take on the role of social media editor for IPS, because I think it is a great, fast way to reach planetarians all over the world with news and ideas, and to shorten the global distances and bring our community even closer together.  


Some new pages and ways to get involved

  • Check the main menu for a the category called Get Involved. This will take you to a page with contests, ways to share your talents, and how to apply for a two-week experience in Italy. Content on this page will continue to grow.

  • Also check a new category under Resources: Portable Planetariums. Several new resources have been added, including two "do it yourself" construction guides.

  • Under Free Media/Fulldome, Hubble Site also has new videos with fulldome visualizations available for download, several with domemasters and others in 3D.

pretty picture for free media

Latest IPS Free Media

2016 April 6: The Space Telescope Science Institute has a number of videos on its Hubble Site with fulldome visualizaitons available for download.


2016 March 11. A Hubble Site Galaxy Collision dome visualization by Frank Summers.

2015 November 10: Astronomy Photographer of the Year (14:15, 30fps 4k domemasters) from Royal Observatory Greenwich.

2015 October: Blueprint to Blastoff: The free engineering materials for From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA.

2015 October: Kepler Minishows: Hunting for Water; Inside the Zodiac; Searching for Other Earths

2015 September: For IPS Members only: Bluphase Media and Hamburg Planetarium are offering a free mini-show taken from LICHTMOND: Universe of Light. See "Free Fulldome" link under the Members Only tab.

2015 September: An update to Waiting Far Away. Versions are now available in French, German, Russian, and Czech.

2015 September: Fulldome (DigitalSky2.3) adaptation of "Invisible Mars" from the NASA MAVEN Mission to Mars.


Corporate Members:

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For questions about the IPS Website, contact: Alan Gould

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President's Message
From Joanne Young

Invitation for 2020 Conference Host:
IPS is inviting bid proposals to host our IPS 2020 Conference. See Information for IPS Conference Bidders. Bid proposals must be received by the IPS President by June 18, 2016. Host Bids are invited to present their bid proposals at the IPS 2016 Business Meeting in Warsaw.

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